Read About Corporate Fight Night

Corporate Fight Night is an incredible black tie event where mild mannered business people, men and women, through months of intensive mental and physical training transform into real fighters for one incredible night! See America’s business class go toe-to-toe with like minded executives, doctors, lawyers, and sales executives for a real USA BOXING sanctioned amateur bout! USA Boxing is the only amateur boxing commission in the United States, and is the organizer of America’s Olympic Boxing Team. All of this, for your entertainment and a really great cause! It is an evening of glamour, gourmet dining, and jazz-filled entertainment accompanied by a battle of strength, endurance, and sheer will.

The Challenge – We promise to take corporate America out of their comfort zone and provide them an intense physical and emotional challenge in a safe environment that is life changing on a multitude of levels.

The Entertainment – There is no top-end-of-town black tie event quite like this one. It is nearly impossible to replicate the thrill and excitement found in “white collar” boxing. From the participants’ grand entrance into the ring, to seeing your fellow executives rise to never imagined heights, Corporate Fight Night promises to deliver an experience like no other. And even more, the excitement and intrigue all happen in a setting worthy of any great 5 star event.

The Charitiy – Eric Platz has selected the Duke Children’s Hospital as his benefactor for this event.  With two young daughters of his own, this charity is something he really believes in.

Come watch family, friends, and colleagues duking it out for the title of “champion” during three – 2 minute intense rounds. See entrances worthy of Apollo Creed or Rocky Balboa! There may be blood, always sweat, and even some tears., but one thing that will certainly be seen is “guts”! Its Corporate Fight Night, one of the HOTTEST events in town! THIS IS ATLANTA CORPORATE FIGHT NIGHT – AND IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!


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